Tokyo 2017 - Part 1

3:20 PM

Going to Tokyo was a graduation gift from my parents. It was just a short 4 days trip. 4 days may seem short, but it was enough for me to fall in love with the city. I reassure you, I will be back, Japan!

I took the midnight flight from KL to Tokyo so when I landed, it was 8am which meant that I had a full day to explore Tokyo. Since my brother was already staying in Tokyo, he met up with me at the airport and we took the train back to his girlfriend's place where I was staying. 

Tip: It is a lot cheaper to buy daily or weekly train passes instead of buying each ticket at the stations.

My brother's gf had an extra pasmo card lying around and lent it to me so I didn't have any trouble buying tickets, only had to reload it when credit runs out.

The first place we went to after we left our luggage was Asakusa and had lunch at Ichiran Ramen. We were quite lucky because there was no queue when we arrived. 

I had the ramen and half-boiled salted egg at ¥1020 (~RM38). The broth was so rich and flavourful! Nothing like I have ever tasted in Malaysia. Highly recommended! Looking at that bowl of ramen makes me wanna have a bowl right now. 

We went to Sensoji Temple as it is a very popular tourist attraction. Apparently is was the last week of summer break in Japan which meant everywhere we went to was super crowded. 

 We explored the back alleys in search of Matcha ice-cream
¥350 for an ice-cream which is roughly about RM13

Japan being Japan, we naturally saw a few mascots roaming around in Asakusa. 
 Saw an Owl Cafe, was a bit tempted to walk into but decided not to because there was an entrance fee. 😐

We went into Don Quijote in Asakusa to shop then to Ueno.
By the time we reached Ueno my legs were starting to hurt from walking so much. lol. So went to Tully's at Ueno for coffee then continued to Ameyoko.

I had a short cafe latte for ¥360 (roughly the same amount for a cup of tall Starbucks in Malaysia) whilst my brother shared a matcha green tea with his girlfriend. 
We didn't buy anything in Ameyoko but instead went into an arcade. One machine caught my eye tho. It has *ahem* mini massagers! 😂 

My brother wanted to bring me to Ueno Park but it was already past 5 and  the park closes at 5pm so we headed to Ikebukuro to shop before dinner.

My brother had made reservations for us at Kura Sushi for dinner. 
Tip: Make reservations before heading to this restaurant because there's always a queue. 
Each plate of sushi is only ¥100! What's special about this place is for every 5 plates you get a chance to win a capsule toy. We ate 20 plates but only got 1 toy. You just put your plates into the disposal chutes after eating and it calculates for you hassle-free!
Would definitely be back again for sushi because ¥100 per plate is a bargain in Japan!

We walked around Ikebukuro after dinner then just head back and called it a day.

Till next time. xoxo

Writer's Block

5:43 PM

For the past few months, I haven't posted anything even though I had drafts of travels posts lined up. I think it's just me being lazy. I would open this blog, update a lil and just save. My daily routine would consist of me waking up then doing what needs to be done then going back to sleep, and repeat the same routine again the next day. Like a mindless zombie. 

I just need to get myself out of this headspace. I'll be back, soon. 


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