Writer's Block

5:43 PM

For the past few months, I haven't posted anything even though I had drafts of travels posts lined up. I think it's just me being lazy. I would open this blog, update a lil and just save. My daily routine would consist of me waking up then doing what needs to be done then going back to sleep, and repeat the same routine again the next day. Like a mindless zombie. 

I just need to get myself out of this headspace. I'll be back, soon. 


13 Reasons Why

5:43 PM

Spoiler Alert!

I know I'm a little late on the hype train but I bet you probably have heard of the popular Netflix show 13 Reasons Why.

Actually I had refrained from reading any articles or spoilers before watching the show so that I wouldn't spoil any surprises from the show. I didn't know what the title of the show meant at first. 13 reasons why what? It made me more intrigued to find out what the show was all about and why all the hype. I watched the whole season in two days because it leaves you hanging at every end of the episode wondering what happens.

But I got to say kudos to the creators of the show for creating awareness on teen suicide but on the other hand I find that it is also a very dangerous show to watch. 

Reasons why I find it a dangerous show: 

  1. Making yourself heard by killing yourself. Literally what the show is about. That's what Hannah chose to do so that the others know why she killed herself and how they were part of it. 
  2. Blaming everyone for your suicide except for yourself. She blames 12 people for her suicide except herself. 
  3. There a two sides to every coin. We only hear Hannah tell her part of the story, her side of the coin. 
  4. Not reaching out to others and reporting it to anyone. Hannah tried to but never said anything about being bullied or raped, expecting others to understand and know how she feels. No ones knows unless it happened to them. So never keeps quite about things like these. Talk to someone who you think cares about you like your parents per se. 
However, its still a great show tho. 

Who's excited for Season 2? 

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